EP 5, Cramming it all in.

Tobril is done traveling, for the next few weeks at least. Now that he has had a few weeks to think things over his builder vs building vs buying debate he has chosen. Did he choose wisely?  During his travels he sold his (and my) childhood for a few magic beans. Or at least that is what he said he did when i got my cut…

We also delved into the multitude of storage options at our disposal. And i was able to confuse Tobril completely. It is the little things in live that make me 🙂 .


My pillars of storage:
How to best utilize dead space.
What are the levels of access. How often to you use a given item.
Item size, how much room does said item take up?

Reading Chair

Fake drawers be gone!

Fold away staircase.

Classic stair/storage case.

Stair drawers.

More classic stair/shelve combo options.

Storage and Steps? I call this a winner!

Look at all the exposed space in the loft support beam area. If only i knew the best way to use this space…

Carousels do a good job of storing things while still keeping them out of the way.

Tiny Watches:
Tiny house Nation – Clip on Storage

Garden Update: – Getting hot! 100+ days is a load of poo.

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EP 5, Cramming it all in.

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